My Serenity Spray 2 oz. (59 ml) bottle

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3.00 Ounces

Includes a 2 ounce (59 ml) fine mist spray bottle and a 4 ml refillable mini fine mist spray bottle. Both are in plastic bottles. Do Not Freeze or product will become inactive.

Temporarily reduce or possibly eliminate most anxiety and nightmares. Many people also claim the fine mist spray reduces or eliminates possible hauntings. To my surprise so far over 5 years working with this product I have not had a single customer tell me this does not work. That is why I have put a 10 day money back guarantee on this product. Use only a small amount of spray then wait until anxiety, nightmare or haunting comes back then use again.

As always consider your medical doctor's advice concerning your situation or condition before using this spray. This spray is non toxic to people, pets and plants. This product is not for internal use.

Recommended Use: Spray sleep area, for example the bed area. Spray each side of bed and on bed, one shot of spray. Write down date and time of first spray session. Write down how you feel next morning. On average the spray will last around 14 days then on average symptoms may come back. We have found sometimes symptoms come back sooner or never come back. This may only be a temporary fix. We recommend finding a spirit filled Christian to help you find a long term possible fix to your situation. This product is produced and blessed by a Christian.

What if you find this does not work for you at all? Then call us at 877-209-0585, give us your order number so we can confirm your order and your purchase price will be promptly refunded to the credit card originally processed. We do not charge shipping so there are no shipping refunds.